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Swimming For Your Dog's Health, Recovery Or Recreation

Little Dogs Swimming

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Chilli, Scoobie and Ted
©June Blackwood

Chilli, Scoobie and Ted
©June Blackwood

The A team, Chilli, Scoobie and little Ted Dodds

Little Dogs Swimming

Scoobie the Jack Russell swimming at dog swim spa Chilli, Scoobie and Ted Chilli Jack Russell terrier Jonty and Jerry from South Africa having their first swim at dog swim spa

Big Dogs Swimming

Sam the Border Collie Louie and Bella, 2 sisters enjoying their swim at dog swim spa Niko, a Rottweiler show dog, swimming for strength and fitness at Dog Swim Spa Sinead, the show Rottweiler from Austraila, swims for strength at Dog Swim Spa Shedor Leonberger Swimming Boscoe Giant Schnauzer JessAnne Swimming 2
Zara Blackwood learning to swim The Blackwood Gang The Blackwood Gang Ammo, Border Collie Husky Cross Casey the Rottweiler swimming at Dog Swim Spa Jake the 12 year old swims for health at Dog Swim Spa Jet shows off his new D-fa float doggy vest
Daisy poses in her d-fa life jacket Beth black labarador Dougal Swimming TK German Shepherd swimming Hunter swimming after surgery with her new buoyancy aids at dog swim spa Maverick the rottweiler checking out swimming at dog swim spa Toby, an elderly labrador retriever swims for his arthritis
Loki, Kaiser Sam theGerman Shepherd Mimi Possum Ralphie Missy the Bull mastiff loses weight at Dog Swim Spa
Memphis gets her paws wet at Dog Swim Spa Diesel Bull Mastiff swims dog swim spa

Dogs Swimming To Recover From Injury

Sam the border collie up close and personal Hunter swimming after surgery with her new buoyancy aids at dog swim spa

Fancy A Massage

Zara the German Shepherd enjoying her massage

Swimming is great exercise for dogsMy dog was facing an expensive operation but after several months swimming we found this may be no longer necessary.Dog Swim Spa, Christchurch

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