What Some Of Our Doggie Owners Say

It's always great to see our customers, how they enjoy their swim and the benefits they receive from their time in the pool.

Sam - The Ageing Dog

Without question, weekly swimming in your dog pool is providing our beloved, ageing dog Sam with increased strength, mobility and general fitness. He adores coming to your pool and as owners, it is such a pleasure to watch the enjoyment he receives. Thank you so much for your skill and the kindness you show.

Mike and Ruth

Max Cavadoodle

Max was born with a luxating patella (loose knee joint), and earlier this year aggravated this by undertaking a "great escape". The vet suggested two options - surgery, or strengthening the muscles around his knee through walking up hills or swimming. The swimming option appealed the most because it was closer than the hills, and something different for Max. Max has taken to swimming like a duck to water - literally. He knows each Saturday when it's time to go swimming, and can hardly contain his excitement as he gets into the car. The minute we turn down the driveway he's barking and whinging with excitement and races in and up the ramp into the water. Max has received two benefits from swimming - he no longer has problems with his knee and two he now loves the water. Chris and June are great, and Max loves going to his "swimming lessons" each week.

Nic and Ryan

Jet The Labrador

"Dog Swim Spa is a fantastic facility which my black labrador Jet loves to

At 12 years old and with spine and hip issues the low impact exercise is tailor made for him. Jet's muscle volume and tone, and overall strength and stability, improved substantially over an initial 2 month period and he is continuing to make exciting progress.

Dog Swim Spa is a very friendly and relaxed environment with easy access into and out of the pool which is a good length for swimming up and down. Chris, June and Lou are a crucial part of the service, because
they have an instinctive understanding of the dogs. All the
qualifications in the world are no substitute for this intuitive insight
into the psychology and physical needs of the canine client. That is
what the dogs respond to, and is why Dog Swim Spa routinely achieves an
excellent outcome for them.

Jet and I both enjoy our visits and feel very lucky that this wonderful facility is available only 20 minutes drive from our home."

Dr Jane, & Jet Newman

Bosco, the Giant Schauzer

"Bosco is a giant schnauzer with a bad hip problem. We have spent a lot of money on expensive injections to try and lubricate his hip joints. Over the last few years he has been on anti inflammatory medication and pain medication. He was unable to stand without his legs shaking and struggled to sit. He was also starting to growl when the children went near his back or legs. We were considering having to make a decision to have him put down, if his condition deteriorated. At some stage the pain medication was having little effect and the vet suggested hydrotherapy and gave me the business card for the Dog Spa.

Since I have been bringing Bosco to see Chris and June, the change has been extraordinary. We have gone from having a dog that was in pain walking, to a pain free, happier dog. His legs don't shake and he has build up muscle around his hip joints. He loves going to the pool. He is a dog who doesn't normally like the car, but every Saturday leaps in and looks excited. He has built up strength and stamina in the pool. He also loves the special attention from Chris and June.

Thanks so much, I am a strong advocate of the hydrotherapy programme you have and would recommend it to anyone."

Sandra and James

Zoe Rottweiler

Our Rottweiler Zoe has been going to The Dog Spa for just on 2 years now. She had done some damage to her ligaments in one of her hind legs and it looked like we were going to have to give her a very expensive operation. Our Vet suggested we try the Dog Spa with Chris and June and from the very first time we were there it was very obvious that Chris and June are hardcore dog lovers. To start off we would going swimming twice a week and then when things started to improve we cut it down to weekly and thankfully Zoes leg has healed. Hence no operation required.
Now she goes just as a treat and generally loves it. Chris and June have also successfully taught our German Shepherd to swim and feel confident in the water.
I wouldnt hesitate to recommend their to services if your dog needs help.
Vicki and Brenda Shah

Niko & Sinead Rottweiler Show Dogs

I have been taking my 2 Rottweilers to the Dog Spa for some time now. Sinead was an active swimmer before we went, so no problems there. Niko, my big boy hadn't been swimming before and didn't like the idea at all.

The advantage of the Dog Spa is the walkway up to the pool, instead of a hoist that would have freaked him out before we had even started. Also, the pool has a gradient going into it, so they can start with just getting their feet wet. Swimming vests are also available for dogs of all sizes. With this great set up and the wonderful assistance of June & Chris, it wasn't long before we had Niko in the water and swimming.

The swimming has been great for toning up both dogs and we can go regardless of the weather. The non impact exercise is a great addition to their walking using different muscles. This has been great for toning up show dogs.

How much do the dogs enjoy it? Well neither dog needs to be persuaded to get in the pool - just open the door and stand back, they are up the ramp and in the pool before you know it, just waiting for a toy to be thrown for them.

Thanks June & Chris for providing such a fun service for my dogs - it is one of the highlights of their week.

Leigh Cleveland

Mac Labrador Retriever

After coming now for about 6 months I thought I should say thank you for your help in Mac's recovery following TPO Cruciate surgery.
I was nervous at first about the idea of swimming, as with the major surgery Mac had, I was very concerned with jeopardising his recovery. But, I was very impressed with the safe, secure environment you have and Lou's constant attention when he swims - checking his breathing,resting him
and watching his swimming movement to make sure he was not overdoing it.

When we turn up, its like we're the Star clients of the day. He loves Lou, loves her 'treaties' and loves the shower afterwards.
Thank you also, for making this affordable as many of us
'doggie people' know there is considerable expense involved with our babies and your costs have allowed me to come on a weekly basis. You guys are obviously, definitely in this for the love of our animals - Thank you!

My 'baby' Mac is now 9 years old and I feel your swim spa
has definitely extended the years we will have together.

Thank you Lou, Chris and June
See you next week!

Kind Regards
Caroline Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland


We decided to bring our German Shepherd Possum swimming after discovering she has a spine problem which causes her pain in hind quarters and legs. We thought it would be a great form of exercise without putting pressure on her joints. She had never swum before as she had refused to get in that deep in the water. The people who run the place are amazing and really care about the dogs welfare. On the first lesson Possum wore a jacket and had to be lifted in the pool. 2nd lesson she had progressed to no jacket but still had to be lifted in the water. For several weeks she refused to get in and had to be lifted but loved it once in. The people were so patient with her and monitored her stress levels regularly. These days she leaps out of the car and runs to the door, leaving us behind, and cannot wait to get straight in and start swimming. She of course is not cured and we knew swimming would not do that but she has become much fitter and stronger and, most of all, loves it. The only downside is her excited yelping and barking on the way there!!! I thoroughly recommend this place for what ever reason you want your dog swimming, be it recovery after surgery or just for them to have some fun.
Kind regards

Kev & Jules

Riley Hungarian Vizsla

Riley our Hungarian Vizsla developed a lameness in his left shoulder at around 6 months of age. At first we thought he had hurt himself whilst playing but over the next month the lameness got progressively worse. He would hold the left leg up constantly and we were no longer able to take him on walks or do any social activities with other dogs. We got him x-rayed and he was diagnosed with a very bad O.C.D in the left shoulder that we were told at the time would require surgery. This vet also suggested that we swim him to help build up the muscle in the shoulder prior to and after surgery and suggested the dog swim spa at Templeton to me. This was the first time I had heard of a hydrotherapy pool for dogs and luckily for me was only 10 minutes away. Riley was nearly 8 months when I started swimming him at Chris and Junes Dog Swim Spa and Riley took to it like a duck to water from day one. I was amazed at what a naturally strong swimmer he turned out to be and his excitement and enthusiasm for it was unbelievable. At the same time I also sought a second opinion in the hope of avoiding surgery as I knew it would be very difficult to keep Riley at this age contained post surgery as he is very energetic. The Vet I went to suggested we try a course of cartrophen injections to see if we could get some improvement and he also recommended to keep up the swimming as great low impact exercise and forces him to use his shoulder as by this stage the left shoulder was noticeable wasted. I started off initially with 2 swim sessions a week and now as he has improved and can do other normal activities we do weekly. Riley just loves it, so much so he wines with excitement from the time we hit Selwyn Road as he knows where he is going! He always does a massive leap into the pool and we have to force him to take rest breaks as he does not want to stop and when he is finished and showered down I have to get the lead on quick or he would race back up the ramp and jump in again! Riley is now a year old and a recent X-ray has shown a healthy looking shoulder and no signs of arthritis developing. His left shoulder has now built up and is visibly no different to his right shoulder although I shall continue the treatment I have been doing for a while yet and do a further x-ray in about 6 months. The best bit is he now looks very sound and is able to go for walks and enjoy the normal activities he would be doing so I can safely say it looks like we have been able to avoid surgery. Chris, June and Lou at Dog Swim Spa are lovely people who genuinely love dogs and I am very thankful to them for setting up the pool as it has been beneficial in healing and strengthening Riley's shoulder. Also the mental aspect is huge for an energetic and injured dog to be able to burn off the energy whilst doing something they love and build up fitness at the same time.

Helen & Tim Parish

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