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Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Your Dog

How long is a session and how much does it cost?Swimming helps reduce impact on older dogs joints

A session is 30 minutes. The first swim is only $30.00 for one dog, so that you can see how much your dog enjoys it.
Regular swims are $35.00 per swimming session.
Two dogs (at same time) $50.00 per swimming session.

How does my dog get into the pool?

There are large, gentle sloping ramps or we can lift your dog straight into the pool, depending on your individual canine's needs.

Do I need a vet's recommendation?

If your dog has undergone surgery, is recovering from an injury or has a known complaint you should check with your vet if it is okay for them to swim.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?Swimming helps reduce impact on older dogs joints

We do ask that dogs are vaccinated for the health and safety of all our users.

What if my dog doesn't like it?

We offer the first session for only $30.00 so that you can be sure swimming suits your dog. We find most dogs enjoy it and can't wait to get in.

Do I need to bring a towel?

We supply towels for your dog's session.

Can I bring my two dogs - they do everything together?

You're welcome to bring your two dogs who are used to playing & exercising together.

Are you open on a Sunday?

We're sorry but we're not open on Sundays.

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